Гайд по разбойнику в 3.3


A quick summary of the rogue theorycrafting work to date for Wrath of the Lich King. This
guide is a rough compilation of various posts made on the forums concerning rogue PVE dps.
Contributions made by Vulajin, Aldriana, Tinwhisker, Enova, drumbum, Shaker, spOOn, chalon,
Snowcrasher, Mavanas, and others from the rogue community.

If in doubt of any of the information posted here, please use the spreadsheet.

Read Aldriana's 3.2 Rogue FAQ for a quick primer.

Mavanas' summary of 3.2.2 changes can be found here.


Most the information posted in this guide is derived from the following spreadsheets.
Please use these spreadsheets for a more accurate approach.

Aldriana's Combat and Mutilate Spreadsheets
Mavanas' Rogue DPS Simulation Spreadsheet

Beta spreadsheets:

Combat (Aldriana)
Mutilate (Aldriana)

Talent Specs

Spec  Talents 
Combat 15/51/5 (5pts in CQC, Swords, or Maces)
  15/51/5 (5pts in appropriate weapon spec, rupture-less cycle build, T9 gearset)
Mutilate 51/13/7
  51/18/2 (Weapon Swap Build, Ruptureless Cycle)

Rotation, Weapon Speeds, and Poisons

The information posted below is just a quick and general outline of common strategies. Results


may differ for various armor and weapon combinations. Please use the spreadsheet for a more


accurate approach.

Originally posted by Tinwhisker.

PvE Mutilate, fast and flawed advice

Generally, slow mainhand, fast offhand.


Use the highest DPS daggers possible, speed is of less importance.


Mainhand Instant Poison, Offhand Deadly Poison.


For weapon swapping, offhand instant poison.




* Ensure that there is a bleed (ie. Rupture, Deep Wounds, Rend) on the target.


* Start up Hunger for Blood.


* Start up Slice and Dice however you please, really.


* Use vanish whenever possible for Overkill buff.


1. Keep HFB up.


2. Keep SnD up via Envenom.


3. 4+ combo point Envenom (ruptureless cycle) or 4+ combo point Rupture (high rupture cycle).


4. 4+ combo point Envenom.

PvE Combat, fast and flawed advice

Mainhand a sword or fist weapon of generally slow speed.


Offhand a sword, dagger or fist weapon of generally fast speed.


Mainhand Wound Poison, Offhand Deadly Poison.


For weapon swapping, offhand wound poison.




* Start up Slice and Dice however you please, really.


* Use cooldowns whenever possible. Killing spree + blade flurry, blade flurry +


adrenaline rush can be used. Adrenaline rush + killing spree is not recommended


due to energy capping.


1. Keep SnD up, no matter what the number of combo points are.


2. 5 point Rupture or Eviscerate for rupture-less builds.


3. 5 point Eviscerate if SnD is not about to drop off.


Read Aldriana's post on combat cycles



Combat Ratings

Combat Rating Table

Rating  Conversion to 1% 
Expertise 32.78998947
Hit 32.78998947
Spell Hit 26.23199272
Critical Strike 45.90598679
Haste 32.78998947
Armor Penetration 13.99572719
Agi to Crit 83.33333333

Expertise Rating

For 6.5% boss dodge chance (26/26 expertise):


26 expertise (214 expertise rating) to cap.


16 expertise (132 expertise rating) to cap for rogues with 2/2 Weapon Expertise.


13 expertise (107 expertise rating) to cap for combat human rogues wielding a sword/mace.


11 expertise (91 expertise rating) to cap for combat dwarf rogues wielding a mace.


11 expertise (91 expertise rating) to cap for combat orc rogues wielding a fist/axe.


The above numbers are the expertise numbers needed from gear to cap.


The character tooltip should read 26 expertise.

Hit Rating

Originally posted by drumbum.

The following values assume that you have 5/5


and that you are attacking a level 83 mob (i.e., boss level).


Extra buffs or debuffs  Specials  Poisons  White 
None 99 315 722
Imp FF or Misery 99 237 722
Imp FF or Misery & Heroic Presence (draenei) 66 210 689


The following values assume that you have 2/5


and that you are attacking a level 83 mob (i.e., boss level).


Extra buffs or debuffs  Specials  Poisons  White 
None 197 393 820
Imp FF or Misery 197 315 820
Imp FF or Misery & Heroic Presence (draenei) 164 289 787


For PVP, assuming no Precision:


Specials  Poisons  White 
164 105 787

Armor Penetration Rating

Armor penetration cap is not affected by target debuffs (ie. sunder/faerie fire)


so the caps are as follows:


100% armor penetration - 1400 armor pen rating


85% armor penetration (Mace spec) - 1190 armor pen rating


Mjolnir Runestone soft caps (grants 665 arp rating):


100% armor penetration - 735 armor pen rating


85% armor penetration (Mace spec) - 525 armor pen rating

Critical Strike Cap

Crit Cap = 100% + 4.8% boss crit reduction - 24% glancing blows - X% dodge chance - X% miss chance


where X% dodge chance is determined by expertise rating and X% miss chance is determined by hit rating.

Equivalence Points


Equivalence points (EP) is a way to convert various item attributes--such as


agility, crit rating, hit rating, and others--to a single attribute for comparison


purposes. For this guide, all DPS attributes will be converted to attack power (AP),


where 1 EP = 1 AP. To compare items, simply multiply the EP weight with the


desired item attribute and sum up the results.


For example, assuming Agi=2, Crit=1.5, AP=1:


Item 1 - 22 Agi, 40 Crit, 50 AP = (22*2) + (40*1.5) + 50 = 154


Item 2 - 43 Agi, 70 AP = (43*2) + 70 = 156


In this case, Item 2 is better.

Sample EP Weights

Assumes a reasonably T8 geared rogue with JC + one other 80 EP


profession. Combat/Mutilate EP values taken from Aldriana's spreadsheet.


Note: These EP weights are a SAMPLE only and gives a rough approximation


of what to look for in gear. EP weights will change with different gear sets. Also,


the sample EP weights are calculated with full 25 man raid buffs in mind.


Stat  Combat EP  Mut EP 
Str 1.1 1.1
Agi 2.05 2.04
AP 1 1
Crit 1.69 1.69
White Hit 1.33 1.18
Spell Hit 1.67 1.80
Exp 1.59 1.86
Haste 1.46 1.49
ArPen 2.24 1.43
T7 2/5 56.2 70.2
T7 4/5 210.7 208.7
T8 2/5 74.8 97.3
T8 4/5 320.4 335.7
T9 2/5 65.4  
T9 4/5 111.5  
MH DPS 6.63 4.14
OH DPS 2.73 2.90


Use the spreadsheets first and foremost for a more accurate approach to


gearing. The lists below use sample EP weights from Aldriana's spreadsheets


for a reasonably T8 geared rogue.

T9 vs T8

The general consensus is that the bonuses for T9 gear is mediocre at best


and that it would require about 5 pieces of ilvl 245 gear to replace 4/5 T8.


A more detailed post can be found



Best In Slot

Aldriana's T9 BIS Gear List can be found




Mavanas' T9 BIS Gear List can be found




Do not use the rankings below for weapons and trinkets.

Combat Wowhead Ranking
Mutilate Wowhead Ranking


Trinket  Combat EP  Mutilate EP 
Death's Verdict (Heroic) 631 630
[Death's Verdict] 558 557
[Mjolnir Runestone] 525 413
[Comet's Trail] 459 467
Dark Matter 439 421
Darkmoon Card: Greatness 383 384
[Banner of Victory] 402  

Onyxia Weapons

Rough estimates show that the ilvl 245 weapons dropped from Onyxia (ie. Vis'kag, Deathbringer)


are roughly equivalent to their ilvl 232 counterparts. For example,

[Tempered Vis'kag the Bloodletter]

is a sidegrade to

[Serilas, Blood Blade of Invar One-Arm]



Spec  Major Glyphs  Minor Glyphs 
Combat [Glyph of Sinister Strike] [Glyph of Safe Fall]
  [Glyph of Killing Spree] [Glyph of Vanish]
  [Glyph of Rupture]  
  [Glyph of Eviscerate]  
  [Glyph of Tricks of the Trade]  
Mutilate [Glyph of Hunger for Blood] [Glyph of Safe Fall]
  [Glyph of Mutilate] [Glyph of Vanish]
  [Glyph of Rupture]  
  [Glyph of Tricks of the Trade]  


Aldriana's post on professions.

Profession  EP 
* Engineering 80-89 (Mut), 90-99 (Combat)
Jewelcrafting 84+
Blacksmithing 80+
Leatherworking 80
Enchanting 80
Inscription 80
Alchemy 80


* Engineering EP is highly dependent on using bombs every cooldown. If bombs are


not used optimally, engineering EP can be below that of other professions.


Regular Enchants


Slot  Enchant 
Weapon Enchant Weapon - Berserking
  Enchant Weapon - Mongoose (used at T9 gear levels)
Helm [Arcanum of Torment]
Shoulders [Greater Inscription of the Axe]
Chest Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats
Cloak Enchant Cloak - Major Agility
Bracers Enchant Bracers - Greater Assault
Gloves Enchant Gloves - Crusher
Legs Icescale Leg Armor
Boots Enchant Boots - Icewalker
  Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness
Belt Eternal Belt Buckle


Profession Only Enchants


Profession  Enchant 
Leatherworking Fur Lining - Attack Power
Inscription Master's Inscription of the Axe
Enchanting Enchant Ring - Assault
Blacksmithing Socket Bracer
  Socket Gloves
Engineering Hyperspeed Accelerators
  Nitro Boosts
  Flexweave Underlay
Tailoring Swordguard Embroidery


Only the most commonly used gems are listed. Please consult the spreadsheet


for more accurate gemming choices.


Type  Gem 
Meta [Relentless Earthsiege Diamond]
JC Only [Delicate Dragon's Eye]
  [Bright Dragon's Eye]
  [Fractured Dragon's Eye]
Prismatic [Nightmare Tear]
Red [Delicate Cardinal Ruby]
  [Bright Cardinal Ruby]
  [Fractured Cardinal Ruby]
Yellow [Deadly Ametrine]
  [Deft Ametrine]
* Blue None


* Use

[Nightmare Tear]

to activate RED metagem.


Type  Item 
Flask [Flask of Endless Rage]
Elixir [Wrath Elixir]
  [Elixir of Mighty Agility]
Food [Mega Mammoth Meal]
  [Poached Northern Sculpin]
  [Blackened Dragonfin]
Potion [Potion of Speed]

Raid Buffs/Debuffs

Buff/Debuff  Talent/Ability 
Major Armor Debuff Sunder Armor, Expose Armor
Minor Armor Debuff Faerie Fire, Curse of Recklessness
Physical Vulnerability Debuff Savage Combat, Blood Frenzy
Melee Haste Buff Improved Icy Talons, Windfury Totem
Melee Critical Strike Chance Leader of the Pack, Rampage
Attack Power Buff Blessing of Might, Battleshout
Attack Power Percentage Buff Unleashed Rage, Abomination's Might, Trueshot Aura
Bleed Damage Buff Mangle, Trauma
Spell Critical Strike Chance Buff Moonkin Aura, Elemental Oath
Spell Critical Strike Chance Debuff Improved Scorch, Winter's Chill, Improved Shadow Bolt
Spell Damage Debuff Ebon Plaguebringer, Earth and Moon, Curse of Elements
Spell Hit Debuff Improved Faerie Fire, Misery
Haste Buff (All types) Improved Moonkin Aura, Swift Retribution
Damage Buff (All types) Ferocious Inspiration, Sanctified Retribution
Critical Strike Chance Debuff (All types) Heart of the Crusader, Totem of Wrath, Master Poisoner
Percentage Stat Buff Blessing of Kings
Additive Stat Buff Mark of the Wild
Strength + Agility Buff Strength of Earth Totem, Horn of Winter

Weapon Swapping


PoisonSwapper - Addons - Curse


Originally posted by Pinch of Premonition

2 macros:

hit this one when you log on (initialization macro)
/run ws=CreateFrame("FRAME","WS")u=UseEquipmentSet function g()d=nil for i=1,40 do n,_,_,s,_,_,x,c=UnitDebuff("target",i)if n=="Deadly Poison IX" and c=="player" then d=(x-GetTime()>5 and s==5) end end if d then u("IP") else u("DP") end end

this turns weapon swapping on/off
/run if not aso then ws:RegisterEvent("UNIT_COMBAT")ws:SetScript("OnEvent",g)DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage ("Autoswap On")aso=true else ws:UnregisterEvent("UNIT_COMBAT")DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Autoswap Off")aso=nil end

you'll need 2 item sets in the blizzard itemrack, one named IP and one named DP

For anyone that can't read the code, here is what it does:
- You target something that is in combat that doesn't have a 5 stack of your deadly poison, it swaps to the DP set
- When you hit 5 stacks of deadly poison, it'll swap to the IP set
- When DP has 5 seconds remaining, it'll swap back to the DP set
- When DP is refreshed, it'll swap back to the IP set

You have to do nothing. The only thing on your end is the annoying GCD's caused by the swaps.