Гайд по чернокнижнику в 3.3

Гайд по чернокнижнику в роли персонажа, наносящего урон (дпс)

Нанесение урона в ветке колдовства

Нанесение урона в ветке разрушения


General information

An affliction warlock's damage is based on several spells with very high damage per cast time which can't be "spammed" because they are dots.
He will use the formerly "normal" warlock damage spell shadow bolt only as a so-called "filler" in between those spells and has a very high amount of self healing as part of his normal spell repertoire. He's completely lacking burst abilities, but damage goes up significantly when the target goes below 35% and 25%.

Key Stats

Your interest is damage, and lots of it. While surviving is important in raids, it is usually based on what you do rather than what your equip is like as long as you are not the tank. The stats that influence your damage output are:

Hit Rating
Spell Power
Haste Rating
Spirit (via fel armor & Glyph of Life Tap & Life Tap itself)
Crit Rating
Intellect (via crit rating)

I ignore MP5 as it has nearly no effect for warlocks.